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We are interested in your application.
If you meet the criteria set forth in the terms "access to the profession", then go to the following steps:

A. Print 3 forms below :

  1. application form Candidature Summum Security
  2. consent form to the safety investigation Candidature Summum Security
  3. form of "medical certificate" Candidature Summum Security

B. Now attach the following documents:

  1. An original of your certificate of good conduct, life and customs - model I built in less than a month (only for residents in Belgium).
  2. An extract of the police record (only for non-residents in Belgium).
  3. 3 passport photos.
  4. A copy of both sides of your identity.
  5. A copy of your certificate of achievement in basic general education (or formerly "Tobbback law" and "people control long type”).
  6. A copy of your ministerial identification card (if you have one), if not, a copy of your achievement certificate of psychometric tests, specific sector of private security.

Send all documents to our e-mail address (see contact).

As soon as we receive your complete application (incomplete files will not be processed), we’ll analyze and provide a follow-up. In all cases, you will receive a letter or an e-mail to inform you about the result we gave to your application.


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